Meet Me

I am qualified in Integrative Psychotherapy with a history working in mental health management, addictions and support for Neurodiversity. This means I have a holistic approach to my work, drawing on the most appropriate theory and skills (acquired over 20 years of client experience and continued professional development) to help you personally. I believe the most effective therapy takes in to account the mind, body and spirit of an individual and I am currently expanding my training as a therapist to incorporate the most up to date body based (bottom up/somatic) approaches. Counselling and therapy is not about telling you what to do or advise giving. Rather, I will listen to you and support you through talking about your life now and how you would like it to change, and can offer coping skills for those tough moments when things can seem overwhelming.

Trust that you are not broken or damaged beyond repair, you are a human being who is currently hurting. Rather than what’s wrong with you, we will slowly uncover what’s happened to you and how you experienced that internally. Often the symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood are how that is showing up in our lives now and what still needs our attention and healing. I believe in the individual’s ability to heal and grow given the safe, consistent and therapeutic space to be heard, witnessed and understood just as you are. I place great importance on the quality of our relationship when you work with me. It is in relationship that we find out who we are. I will endeavour to provide that empathic, attuned, accurately reflective mirror you have been searching for in order for you become your true, wonderful, capable self.