"Someone recommended Debbie to me. After an initial conversation we had a face to face meeting. After that it was decided I would meet her once a week. At this time I was working through on ongoing diagnosis of moderate mental health issues. This was related to a divorce, separation from children and access to them, work related performance, alcohol reliance and then another separation. However Debbie showed me kindness and compassion and gave me practical tools to try and combat the spiralling and that I had true worth and that suicide would not be a solution. All things will be ok and work out. The therapy isn’t a magic cure and often you have to work hard with the tools Debbie has given me. I had to spend money on this service and had to weigh up it value. However I totally recommend the service Debbie provided and it has been worth every penny. I very rarely now have down days. I am now more engaged with my children and present in a room. It does take time but you will get there with Debbie’s help and expertise"